Frequently asked questions


What is Artome M10?

Artome M10 is movable and installation free audiovisual solution, which is also design furniture – Smart furniture, so to speak. Artome M10 combines modern audiovisual needs with easy-to-use product and aesthetics.

Where Artome M10 manufactured?

Artome M10 is manufactured in Heinola, Finland. 88% of components are from Finland*.

*excluding the Epson projector.

What is Artome M10 for?

Artome M10 produces large image and sound for local audiences and remotely. It is a perfect audiovisual solution for flexible needs as it adapts to any space.

Is there a warranty on Artome M10?

Artome M10 warranty is two (2) years.


Does Artome M10 need any installation?

No, it doesn’t. Artome M10 is a plug-and-play product and it requires no additional installation of drivers or software. Power plug is all you need.

How can I start using the Artome M10?

There is a control panel in the Artome M10 with On/Off button, but if your computer with connect HDMI cable to Artome M10, it powers up automatically (HDMI1). Artome M10 supports all operating systems for local presenting.

Can I use Artome M10 for wireless screen sharing?

Yes, Artome M10 can be used  with additional wireless collaboration devices, for example Chormecast, Apple TV etc.

How Artome M10 is kept clean?

Cabinet: With a moisten cloth using detergents suitable for furniture. Projector lens: a soft, moisten lint-free cloth with lens cleaner and gently wipe the lens. Do not spray any liquid directly on the lens.


What is Artome M10 cabinet made of?

The frame is made of birch plywood with a selection of surface finishes to adapt to different spaces. The options are laminated white, lacquered ash and black stained ash. The inner parts, such as speaker cabinets, are rigid MDF and the door is upholstered with fabric.

Can Artome M10 design be customized?

Yes, it can. There are three options in cabinet colors: white (laminated), black and lacquered ash. The door is upholstered with fabric, and it can be customized with a chosen color by the customer. In bigger quantities it is possible to use materials which are specified by the client.

Image and projector

What kind of projector is Artome M10 using?

Artome M10 uses built-in Epson EB-805F ultra-short throw laser projector. It features Full HD 1080p image quality and produces scalable projections of up to 150 inches *.
Learn more about the Espon projector here.

*about maximum display size and lighting

Does the projector need lamp changing?

No, it doesn’t. Laser projectors have a long lifespan comparing to traditional lamp projectors. Projector manufacturer Epson gives 12000 hours or five (5) years warranty to the projector which is used in Artome M10.

How far does Artome M10 have to be from the wall to get a big image?

Artome M10 is positioned in front of the wall you wish to project image. Artome M10 can display 65-150” image depending on, how far from the wall it is located. The throwing distance for 150” image is 60 cm.

How do I adjust focus and fix tilted or curved image when using Artome M10?

The projector control panel with focus lever and keystone correction buttons can be found by opening the front door of Artome M10. Focus can simply be adjusted with the controller, seen here below. To get more information on how to use the Epson control panel, click here.

How high can image be lifted with Artome M10?

The image can be lifted up to 170 cm when image size is 150”. (measured from the bottom line of the image)

What can I use for projection surface?

It is recommended to use a flat surface, for example a wall, with light colored finishing. Optimal color to maximize contrast is matt light grey (HEX: #C9CCCA or RGB: 201, 204, 202). When the whole wall is with the same color the is no need for image adjustments.
If you don’t have a possibility to use a wall, it is recommended to use a projection screen with tab-tension.


What kind of sound system does Artome M10 have?

Artome M10 includes 2.1 -stereo sound system which adapts to needs of audience size from 2-100 people.

There are two speakers for mid-range and high frequencies and subwoofer for bass inbuilt. Speakers are designed in cooperation with Finnish speaker manufacturer Aura Audio.

Can I use Artome M10 for speeches?

Yes, Artome M10 is designed for speeches. There are two plugs for the for wired or wireless microphones. Artome M10 has an built-in mixer and DSP (digital sound processing).

How can I connect microphones to Artome M10?

There are two microphone inputs with XLR-connection and it is possible to connect wired or wireless microphones. For wireless microphone receivers there is rack space available inside the Artome M10.

Can I use Artome M10 to play music?

Yes, with Artome M10 you can listen music wirelessly with mobile device with additional media players such as Chromecast or Apple TV.

How much sound Artome M10 produces?

A lot, and max. SPL is 108 dB/1m. If more sound pressure is needed, Artome M10 can be connected to additional speakers or other sound systems.

How to connect additional sound source with line out to Artome M10?

Artome M10 has a feature where microphone input can be changed to line input.

How can external speakers be connected to Artome M10?

Artome M10 has stereo line out with XLR-connectors.

Hybrid use & videoconferencing

What is a hybrid presentation solution?

Hybrid presentation solution combines onsite collaboration with remote workers. Artome M10 can present image and sound for the local audience up to 100 people. Artome M10 uses HybriDock™ technology that helps microphone(s) and camera transfer the overall experience for remote audience as if they were locally present as well.

What is Artome HybriDock™?

HybriDock™ is a technology innovation by Artome. It enables Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) -usage with laptops and operating systems (Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS, Linux) without the need of any additional installation of drivers or software.

Artome HybriDock™ offers a flexible experience for remote and live communication. While enabling optimal image size and sound locally to improve interaction with remote attendees. Read more here.

Which video-conferencing software is compatible with Artome M10?

All generally used software, for example MS Teams, Google Meet, Zoom and Webex.

What kind of camera and microphone Artome M10 uses?

Default Artome M10 bundle includes Poly Eagle-eye USB camera and Poly Sync20+ speakerphone, but it can be used with other recommended USB cameras and microphones as well. Please, contact your local Artome retailer for more information.

How many connections there are for external sources of image and video?

There are three connections. Two HDMI and one HDBT for long distance image and sound transmission.

My laptop doesn’t have HDMI connection. How do I connect to Artome M10?

Most of the newest laptops are having HDMI port, but not all. There still are several different connections in laptops available for you to use, but you will need a HDMI-adapter to connect.

Can I connect Artome M10 to other projectors or displays?

Yes, you can. There is HDMI OUT feature in Artome M10. You can also connect several Artome M10s together for a wide screen.

Can I connect two or more Artome M10 together to create a single wide screen?

Yes. You can create a single unified image projected from two or more Artome M10s. The image is unified horizontally for example with 48:9 image ratio. This usage requires several adjustments form the control panel of Epson projector is recommended for professionals only.