“Our project was implemented in an instant when installation would have been challenging and time consuming.”
– Saku Mäkelä, Anaconda Visual Oy

Movable AV solution for large events

Artome X30 is a factory-made solution, which eliminates the design, cabling and installation of audiovisual technology, which is challenging, especially in large event spaces.

Epson laserprojector produces light output up to 15,000 lumens, which is enough for even the most challenging needs as well as bright spaces. Built-in sound system produces  sufficient sound pressure for hundreds of people. Artome X30 is also compatible with external sound systems.

The easiest solution for experience

The Artome X30 is designed for users with no technical background. The system starts at the touch of a button and the control panel contains only the most common operation buttons. Laptop or mobile device is connected with a cable or wirelessly.

Image and sound can be optimized for different sized spaces. AV technology optimized for the gym can be converted for conference use without the need for reprogramming or installation.

Any space for imagination and experience

Artome X30 transforms a gymnasium for festive use and a lobby as an exhibition space. The same product can be used for several different purposes, resulting in a high utilization rate of AV technology.

At the design phase, the light output of a laser projector is determined according to the requirements of room brightness and image size from four different options between 7000-15000 lumens. Sound system can be expanded to meet the needs of events by selecting appropriate connections and features for the solution.

Cheaper and faster construction

Artome X30 reduces the total cost of construction because the installation of AV technology is eliminated and the design of AV does not require special expertise.

The cost of a prefabricated solution is always known in advance. Artome will be manufactured in the agreed time, when its installation is not dependent on the progress of other contracts.

Artome X30 does not affect the life cycle of a building or space solution, unlike fixed AV technology. With good design, the space solution can be changed without the limitations caused by technology.

Technical info

  • Description Moveable AV solution with integrated Epson laser projector and inbuild sound system
  • Compatible Epson projectors EB-L1070U, EB-L1490U, EB-L1500U, EB-L1750U
  • Compatible Epson lenses LU03S, LU04 (default). Ask other lenses from Artome.
  • Sound system Active DSP processed stereo speaker system
  • Kaiutinjärjestelmä  6,5″ coaxial full-range speakers, bass reflex
  • Max. SPL (RMS) 108 dB/1 m
  • Frequency response 80-20000 Hz
  • Audio connections
  • 2 x MIC/Line in (default), +4 MIC/Line in (option)
  • SPDIF in / SPDIF Out
  • Stereo line out (0 dB), +2 x line out (option)
  • Dante in/Out (option)
  • Video connections 2 x HDMI in, HDBaseT in. Automatic source
  • Control
  • On/Off, Volume Up/Down,  4 programmable user buttons.
  • Third party control (option)

Furniture info

  • Material MDF
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 700 x 880 x 670 mm
  • Drawer stowage (W x H x D) 610 x 115 x 215 mm
  • 19″ rack space 3U 155mm, lockable door
  • Castors 140 mm, lockable
  • Weight 84-91 kg depending on the projector selection (without case)


  • Projector 5 years or 20000 h
  • Other components 3 years