Retailer’s Digest -John Duffin

Perché Ltd.

On hunt for new innovations

Artome is aiming to be a global company with local presence. Our main goal of doing successful business relies on serving our clients in the best way possible. Our solution is to find partners from all around the world. So firstly, let us introduce you to John Duffin from New Zealand. His company, Perche, brings unique furniture solutions to the market and as the Managing director of Perché Ltd., John has become the go to for Artome M10 throughout New Zealand. So, sit back and we’ll tell you more about what made John interested into Artome’s product and what he would bring to a stranded island.

First Impressions

“A fantastic product [Artome M10] that logically fits into the portfolio”, is one of John’s first thoughts when we discussed about why he wanted to do business with Artome. John is always on hunt for those new innovations, so when he heard about the new Artome M10, it was no brainer decision. The Artome M10 left a strong impression to John due to the possible benefits that could be offered. John saw technological advances not offered on the market while still having the ability to be user friendly.

Artome fits in beautifully

The Hybrid Problem

The hybrid working model is the popular discussion as companies are currently trying to find the best solutions. Being such a challenging task, companies are still trying to adapt. John believes that one of the first adaptations needed are the use of flexible tools that allows the companies to be more flexible by nature. John states “using M10 gets rid of that need of permanent infrastructures,” which allows companies to have that flexibility. John is still unsure about the future of remote working however understands that it will be required moving forward. This is where he believes “Artome fits in beautifully.” As all of these companies will be trying to answer the question of hybrid working, Artome has to the chance to be the solution.

Success vs. Challenges

So how does John stay successful? Being successful to John is all about the connections and partnerships you make over time. Having those types of connections keeps you and your company honest and should in return make a good balance at the workplace.  For John and Perché Ltd., these connections help run a friendly cooperation amongst companies from New Zealand and in Australia. Since there is no competition amongst the businesses, their relationship only focuses on growth and making each other stronger. However, with every success there are always challenges. For John, this is no different. Perché Ltd. current challenges include global shipping, keeping up with the rapidly changing trends and environmental compliances. These types of issues have become well known throughout the business world, as most have been struggling with similar challenges.

So finally, the question we have been dying to know, what would John bring to a stranded island? His answer was as wholesome as he is:  water, his wife, and some great wine. If one were to be stranded, they’ll definitely have to take a page out of John’s book. 

 You can find out more about Perché Ltd. here.