Retailer’s Digest -Anders Baastrup

Martela Denmark

To fit the needs of the people

Our quest to introduce our retailers continues as we are heading to one of our Nordic family countries. So, without further ado, meet Anders Baastrup from Martela Denmark. We first got introduced to Anders and Martela with our already existing contacts, which made working together easier. Just like Artome, the focus of Martela is to offer solutions to workplaces and to the education sector to fit their needs today and in the future as well. Let’s hear more about Anders’ thoughts on this. 

“Something new to the market”

Choosing the best partner to do business with, is always a matter of trust. One must be impressed by the people you work with and by the products as well. With Anders being a deliberate person, he of course wanted to see what Artome could bring to the table. After seeing more, it became clear to him, that Artome would fit well into Martela’s portfolio. Anders saw that there was a definite potential in the Artome smart furniture and that they would be able to bring something completely new to the market. 

Advantages of Remote & Agile Working 

When talking about the popular subject of remote working, Anders is in full support. He believes that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. With the modern way of work heading further into the hybrid working model, Anders believes that one has to adapt with remote working rather than work against it. One of the adaptations is using the Artome M10.  

I believe that the most significant possibilities are being able to use Artome M10 in various meeting stations, while also for recreational purposes

Anders states. Artome smart furniture allow companies to get rid of the fixed AV standard and have the choice of better space utilization. Even though Anders thinks that most companies may have some type of solution to agile working, he still believes that they’re losing the possibilities that Artome M10 can offer. 

Anders Baastrup

Successful strategies 

One of the ways Anders has led his company to success, is by making sure to have a strong team behind him. While Anders is talented with being the eyes and ears of Martela Denmark, the people around him help round out the success of the company. When dealing with Anders, his key focus is making sure to know exactly how to help his clients and being able to offer products that follow suit. As being a CEO of Martela Denmark, he defines success as; being able to manage a company to bring profits for the owners. 

As always, success doesn’t come without the challenges. Some of the challenges that Anders faces, are common in most businesses. Being able to continuously adapt, not only your products, but your product portfolio as well, to the changing needs of the clients and making sure to use the full capabilities of your IT department. Finally, the biggest one, is proactively making sure to offer the best solutions to your clients. 

Keeping a good time

We decided to change our informal question this time around and asked Anders about time travel. Even with everything going on, Anders is completely happy in our current time and would not want to be anywhere else. You can’t fault that, definitely when you have success in everyday life. We still bet that Anders and some of you might like to travel to 16th of September this year, as the 16th to the 18th Artome M10 will be displaying at the Copenhagen Three Days of Design. We hope that some of you will be able to greet Anders then and there and learn more about the Artome M10 in person. 

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