Retailer’s Digest -Neil Jenkins


Focusing on wellbeing

With Artome’s family growing over the past couple months, our goal of showing off our retailers continues. We are happy to introduce you to our next guest joining us on Retailer’s Digest, Neil Jenkins. After our last article showing you our business partner, John Duffin from New Zealand, we thought we would interview someone from the complete opposite side of the world. Neil Jenkins is from the United Kingdom and his company Welltek has the main focus of finding solutions for employee’s wellbeing in the office. Neil is knowledgeable in working with Finnish companies as he had successfully brought another; Framery, to the markets in United Kingdom. Knowing this we are excited to see what we will be able to accomplish together. So like last time, sit back, maybe with a cup of tea and we’ll tell you more about Neil and his relationship with Artome and his number one skill to become successful.

“Market Disrupter”

After Neil’s success with Framery, he soon learned more about Artome. Since Framery are basically our Nordic brothers and sisters, word had travelled fast.

Artome M10 is changing the market to give real value that I could bring to the clients

says Neil. He was impressed about the Artome M10 being a perfect solution, which made him quickly react into becoming one of our retailers. Since then, he has been one of our most vocal supporters on social media.

Remote Working

Life is all about balance, definitely when it comes to personal and work life. When bringing the highly discussed topic of remote working to Neil, the first thought Neil had was about life balance. Neil is an advocate for remote working, however, understands the downsides of it. Personally, Neil struggles with the lack of in-person contact that you would get throughout a normal work week. This led into talking about how the Artome M10 will be able to help with some of burden of remote working. Neil’s views about hybrid working were clear: when there will be only 2-3 days of in office work, the adaptability of the infrastructure is needed. Artome M10 allows that, by giving every space the ability to be a meeting room.

Skills to be Successful

One of Neil’s strongest skills is the ability to read people and their general body language. This is important when selling anything as you need to be able to adapt to the client. The biggest challenge for Neil and Welltek has always been meeting the client, as when meeting them there could be a lot of expectations and questions you are unprepared for. Even though this adaptability skill has led Neil to having a successful business, he believes that being successful is all about the quality of happiness in your life rather than the quest for money. For Neil, being content, having that good work/life balance and having a strong base behind you, is the definition of successful. “Being able to smile on a Monday morning,” sums up Neil perfectly.

To the Future

“Get into people’s mindsets,” is one of Neil’s final remarks about the future of Artome and Welltek. Neil is hopeful about the future, however there are just some crucial steps we need to take to get there. Neil has heard many times that Artome M10 is a great product, but the client had already remodelled their AV infrastructure. Artome’s goal with Welltek and our other retailers, is becoming the first option that clients see. Working together with Welltek and using the power of social media, we will revolutionize the AV world.

 After spending a lot of time with clients, we are sure Neil would still be slightly happy to escape to some remote island. So, what would Neil bring to this island? His 3 items would be a football, pillow, and a toothbrush. At least on the island England always wins in Football.

Jokes aside, Neil has shown us all at Artome the powerful meaning behind his success. We are gladdened to work with him and Welltek going into the future.

You can find out more about Neil and Welltek here.